Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Recently we returned from a lovely two weeks in the mountains of North Carolina, not far from the
Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was a time of peace, of healing and rejuvenation for both of us.  I was following the 21 day Mediation Challenge on iPad and would sit out in the beautiful garden of the home we rented.  This particular day I took along my markers and sketchbook.  It seems that the piece radiates the sun that warmed me where I sat, the hum of bees and the myriad butterflies that flew everywhere.  I finished the piece later in the evening in the house, with the mind photos still fluttering in my head and through to my markers.  Times like these are so special and inspire us to record them in our own creative way rather than just in photos....but here are some photos, anyway, to inspire you.

                          The flowers I drew were not these, but these are better photos... enjoy!!

Dew drops caught in a spider web after a rain storm...  

                                       mmmm...the butterflies loved the BeeBalm or Monarda
                                                  at the Moses Cone Craft Center 

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