Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inspiration for a New Year !

                                         Abstract by Gerhardt Richter from Artkopedia

As we enter a new day with a brand new spanking.sparkling year before us, I offer this beautiful painting by one of my favorite artists: Gerhardt Richter.  Born in 1932, Richter was marked
 by war and that subject would often haunt his art. Still living, one of his paintings just sold for more
than that of any living painter.  I direct you to this website for more information about this great artist.

I do not know the title of the above work, only that it fascinated me, for obvious reasons.  In a scrapbook of clippings of art I like one of Gerhardt's paintings depicting the emotion of war is another of my favorites.

What and who will be your inspiration for 2013? 

 Please do share with all of us: note that this
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Happy and successful New Year for us all.

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