Monday, November 5, 2012


                                                       SPIDER SPINS A MOONBEAM
                                                        Watercolor on hot press paper
                                                              Sandra J. Pineault
                                                                journal  archives
                                                            available in print only

This was one of the first watermedia pieces I did some years ago after my heart surgery. It was a step toward more abstraction.  A dear friend, another artist, suggested that for a real abstract piece
 the spider web would have to I kept pushing the envelope.

My mother, a wonderful photographer,  as you know from seeing her work on this blog, loved
to photograph spiderwebs after a rain shower when the sun was striking them.  I used one of
her photographs and studied spider web construction.  This was the result.   It sold in one
of the first exhibits where it was shown.

                                                          Documenting the Process
Below is the process as I documented it.  I used to do this more; documenting my work in
art journals.  Those journals were/are identical black spiraled ones which have withstood time.

They come in handy now as I go back and let them inspire me once again.  The photograph at the right bottom cormer is my mother's- the initial inspiration. This is  from a page in one of my journals.

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