Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Turning a new page....

                         A  New Page in the Pineault 2012 Art Journal Project

Art journalling is an intriguing way to unlock creativity.  As I heal and grow stronger, this easy
and uncomplicated project allows me to find my own path again. 

 It was frustrating to try to do as others are doing with their journalling such as crafting papers etc.  Every time I step out of my own skills I block.  This week that started to change as I "abstracted" my pages.  Layers of watercolor and some imprinting
brought me to this level.  I am enjoying it a lot more. 

 Eventually, I will decide how I want to add
text to it: a whole other challenge.  I have written some poetry and have years of journals and sketchbooks stacked in the studio.   Raiding that treasure trove will be an adventure.

So often we underestimate our own special and unique skills, wasting the treasures that lie within.
I am on that rediscovery right now.

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