Tuesday, April 3, 2012


acrylic collaged painting
Shown at Art Expo New York, 1996

What are the treasures in life?  For an artist it is memory, imagination, the wonderful
world of the mind and the hands.

Today I dedicate this post to a wonderful artist and a friend with whom I have shared
the excitement of our art and the loves of our families
 for thirty years. We watched each other move and grow within the worlds of our imagination.
Each gallery showing, each success, the discovery of new materials and
new methods....we walked through them together.

Now, my friend cannot remember how to paint. She looks at her big wonderful paintings
and has no memory of how they were achieved.  Alzheimers is claiming her bit by bit.

I still do not want to walk away from her, even in this last journey and even if she no longer remembers.

Every few weeks, I send a little card just to connect.  It means something to her, and to her husband as well.  I remember she told me when she was once diagnosed that she wished that a friend
would call and ask her to lunch. She had not forgotten them yet, but they had forgotten her.
 I never forgot that. We are too far away to do that.
I do my little mailing placing my love and prayers inside each envelope.

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