Wednesday, February 15, 2012


graphic in the sketchbooks of
Sandra J. Pineault

I am once more beginning my own sketchbook project.  
Once upon a time I amassed
a collection of sketchbooks and illustrated journals. 
 I still return to these to "refill" my spirit.

Much of the work concentrated on mandalas. 
 Others were 
photographs and drawings recording stages of
 paintings and collages before and after
heart surgery.  Now, as I am faced with another 
health challenge, I find myself
returning to this healing experience. 

For the most part I used the same type of 
black spiral journals, often taking them with
me on trips along with colored pencils.

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  1. this one is so powerful Sandy!!! it speaks volumns I could gaze at it for hours. I have kept art journals for years..but lost track last year. You make me want to resume!!!


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