Friday, December 9, 2011


The season means stepping out of the usual box and into a Christmas package.  It means allowing the inner artist to play with new tools, new color, new forms in creating and communicating.  Maybe its time to play with glitter and crayons, even finger paints.

These are tough economic times and many of us are not seeing much profit.  Perhaps simpler modes of creativity are calling to us, awaiting our imagination.  I have two beautiful grand nieces. I decided to wrap their presents in a "green" yet creative fashion.  Using white freezer paper, I wrapped them simply ( I like the Japanese way of wrapping with fabric called furoshiki without tape or ribbon but not this time) with minimal tape.
 I created a collage of their photos - of which we have many - one page long.  After printing I cut  the sides for more interesting edges and pasted the collages on each gift.  No need for ribbon or name tags.

The other fun artsy thing was to silver glaze a small canvas
adding silver glitter and glazed shells.  I like the way it looks.

Well, the bottom line (no pun intended) is that Christmas is about
the message of love, caring,  our relationship with our God,
family and friends.

These times are forcing us to look to a simpler way of life, back to solid values.
Have you ever noticed every time you buy a new high tech  toy, such as an iPad,
it means buying more toys to make it work right?  Toys in this instance
are called apps...
I am enjoying sending some snail Christmas cards, it makes me remember
the penmanship I enjoy and the messages I write with my own hand.

It makes me ponder the true meaning of Christnas.

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