Wednesday, October 5, 2011

THE NOOK AND I .... gallery rearranging

Any gallery space takes a lot of loving and periodic housekeeping.
Today was a day needing ladders 
and tools to make paintings and cards shine.
A beautiful day, the sun swept through
the big wonderful window cheering the task.

One side of THE NOOK
boasting new work
lit by the sun.

 As my studio has a mascot kitty, North 3rd Trading
has a resident mascot dog named Scallawag
(in honor of the pirates of Amelia Island).

Scallawag checks my gallery space for
final approval. For him, a wag
is worth a thousand words.

The large NOOK window requires very particular attention
as it is the face, as it were, of the gallery.
An antique ladder secured in place provides
hanging space commanding a closer look.
Above: inside the window.
Below: outside view looking in.

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