Wednesday, September 28, 2011

red and green supreme...

Just a bit of red wakes up green and browns,  This caught my eye on a recent trip to lovely Jacksonville
Beach, Florida. Probably tuned my senses in for  the SANCTUARY painting collage.

Things are quiet in Fernandina Beach town here on the Island.  The Nook is lonely for visitors.
Good time to clean up, rearrange and take a breather.  This week playing with Twitter and Facebook updates is the name of my game.  Facebook in particular is up to all kinds of tricks with changes.  Twitter is where finding new and inspiring abstract artists is a rejuvenating experience.
Artists help other artists in so many ways.

Tomorrow evening is the opening reception for the Arts Community Theatre's latest show. My art has been juried in and this is a great chance to meet and greet people to introduce them to my wares,

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