Monday, July 11, 2011

VIEW FROM ATLANTIS has found a new home!

Sandra J. Pineault
hand-pulled,stained collaged papers
with shells and found objects.

In honor of the last space shuttle flight, this piece has been re-named.
May the flight of the Atlantis be safe and sound.

This piece has just sold, a new owner having discovered it and brought it home!

Pulling papers and staining them in something I really like to do, then
marrying them with found objects such as this unusual round,flat shell and
shards of other pink shells.  The process is messy but rewarding and pieces may be kept
 for a long time to provide future inspiration.  For this artist, inspiration
is always found in trying something new and different. Hence, the
fact that  my pieces are each unique.

A sampling of some of my precious papers.

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