Friday, July 29, 2011


textured acrylic painting
24 x 36 inches 
Sandra J. Pineault

Ta da: the debut of Neptune's Knot.  The peeks of earlier posts came from this canvas.
The design reminded me of a fanciful knot of sea plants,
  Abstract paintings tend to name themselves as 
they lead the artist from one phase to another, constantly inviting
new forms and colors.  When I first come into the studio in the
early morning fresh from sleep, that is when I hear the messages
loud and clear.  Add this line, go there with that shape.
Taking the time with a painting has big rewards, for then
one can hear the song that it is singing. A mentor has taught me
that one cannot rush a painting....

When I go to a gallery and see new work from other artists, I will have
to hear a song from it to know if it attracts and pleases me.
How about you?

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