Saturday, July 23, 2011

Frame enhancement.....

SEA EMBRACES SAND HAS FOUND A NEW HOME, but needed to make a bigger statement for its new owners.  After recommending a wonderful local framer (Harbor Lights here in Fernandina Beach) with whom I have often worked, I was not surprised to see the result.  Michael, the framer, allowed me to photograph the result.  The painting, on canvas, was originally 20 x 30 inches with a narrow black metal floater frame.  The painting is now mounted on lovely dark textured matboard and then screwed onto regular light board.  You can see this a bit better in the smaller picture study above.
The entire piece, now 24 x 34 inches, was framed with a perfect subtle gold wood frame. 

Presentation is everything is a slogan we all have heard.  Framing enhances the beauty of an art piece in all kinds of imaginative and wonderful ways.  This painting, once titled Illuminata, is one of my favorites. I am pleased to see it set like a jewel with this framing technique.

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