Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is an article that I authored and sent in to our local bi-weekly newspaper: The News Leader in Fernandina Beach, Florida. A wonderful reporter, Sian, took the piece and the photos that I sent, published it, as is, in the Jan. 7th Friday edition. Placiement  in a front section of the Leisure Page made it really stand out.
I am very grateful to her, and hope that not only does this piece draw participants to the workshop, but,  may help those suffering from an illness that medical professionals do not acknowledge, especially heart disease in women.
It is exciting, also, since I have never enjoyed a byline before! The second portion of the piece is available should anyone wish to read it....ask me and I shall publish it here....


  1. Great article- congratulations- you are just where you should be!

  2. Thank you, Anonymous- for your good words and also for leaving a comment!! Nice that I know who you are...



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