Saturday, September 18, 2010

                 HAIKU ANYONE?       


                                in a rain shower
                                      seven colors

     This haiku poem is from Writing and Enjoying Haiku by Jane Reichhold.                                                           
            Haiku is a  form of  Japanese poetry consisting of         
            three lines, usually of a seasonal nature. Haiku has                          
            a musical tonality and is a lovely literary form.

    Passing by a window leading out on to our verandah on a hot and humid  morning, these shapes caught my eye and soon my                 
 camera.  The camera,new, and I were not yet fast friends. The camera, however, had a stunning surprise for me.  This photograph has not been edited except to crop it. The oriental watercolor look to it, the streaks of moisture creating almost bamboo like lines, the colors from the flash - a morning gift.

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