Friday, August 6, 2010

My Mother's Creativity

'When the Ten Thousand Things are seen in their oneness, we return to the origin where we have always been" (Sengtsan

I love this quote and I love the photograph of the bursting milkweed pod from my mother's collection. My mother was an award-winning photographer and I am privileged to have "10,000" of her original slides.  As I have made my way through my own artistic journey, I have come to see that each work of art that we begin and create is made up of so very much of ourselves, our deep inner selves.  If I listen I can hear the piece I am working on talking to me, unfolding its secrets.  I learned long ago that every line we place on a piece of paper is a treasure and as such must be honored and respected. Often there are thousands of brush strokes, or lines in a drawing and we have to proceed slowly to see where they want us to go too quickly is to not hear the song.

I never allowed erasers in my classrooms........

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