Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Oops, to this post...forgot to save. This is what happens with going too fast.  Should have remembered what came across my way earlier today. Too excited about learning to blog in color!
This morning while waiting for someone in my car I was taken by the sight in  front of me of dozens of barn swallows swooping and diving across a lawn. It was like watching dancing calligraphy! It was enchanting and it lifted my soul.
Then later, as I walked out to the mailbox, a majestic dragonfly alighted on a plant stalk alongside my path.
Her eyes were encased in brilliant turquoise and her wings were diaphanous in the sunlight. 
Inspired by all of that, I spent time in the studio today experimenting with metallic colors and tried to remind my hand to let my shoulder sweep  f r e e l y  with paint or brush. My shoulder always wants to control. 
One of my favorite blogs is zenhabits.com. It is full of writings which help to slow down the pace, this is something I am always in need of remembering.

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