Friday, July 30, 2010


The painting just below is Sea Sings a Storm. The title is from a haiku poem that I had written and seemed to fit. After many years of painting, my own creative process has brought me here.
Now, I never know where each painting will lead me. Indeed I can never create one again, each is a unique moment in time. There is the deep breath one takes to begin, then the song that plays itself out in the paint. I try to honor each moment, following the water, the color, the line, letting it lead me on. Sometimes there is a mud puddle and sometimes there is a surprise that begs for framing. That is why I love the writings of Dr. Seuss, as you can see I have written one of his quotes twice. Sea Sings a Storm has been sold from a gallery but thanks to the computer I can still let it speak to me.

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